420 Deals & 420 Delivery

We’re bringing you the best 4/20 deals with delivery throughout Southern California. Enjoy big savings on all your favorite brands from Stiiizy to Kiva.

Important Notes Regarding Deals

  • Buy one, get one (BOGO) type deals are automatically applied to orders containing a qualifying product or products after checkout & during order fulfillment. Customers do not need to add the promo product to their cart.
  • Promotional products are chosen by the cultivators, not the customer.
  • Promotions are offered while supplies last.
  • Promotions are not eligible to those who purchase the legal daily limit of 28g of flower and 8g of concentrate.

April 18, 2021

Drivn - Buy a 1g Cartridge, Get a 0.5g Cartridge for $1

Weekenders - Buy 2 Pre-Rolls, Get a Pre-Roll for $1; Buy a Pack, Get a Pre-Roll for $1

Blue River - Buy Any Blue River Cartridge, Get a Capsule Pack for $1

Kushy Punch - Buy One, Get One for $1

April 19, 2021

Himalaya - Buy a 1g Cartridge, Get a 0.5g Cartridge for $1

Kanha - Buy Any Kanha, Get a 2 Pack Gummy Bag for $1

Cream of the Crop - 20% Off

Cann - Buy a 6 Pack or Roadie, Get One for $1

Garden Society - 20% Off