710 Labs: OGs Make Better OG

Award-winning extractors 710 Labs keeps hash heads loyal to their brand with unique genetics and some of the best concentrates on the planet. Written by Tom.

As pioneers of the hash game, 710 Labs has established an industry standard for concentrates, and continues to innovate and lead the industry.

710 Labs is a cannabis brand founded in 2009 by Brad Melshenker that specializes in a wide variety of extracted products. Award-winning extractors, 710 Labs keeps hash heads loyal to their brand with unique genetics, creative merchandise drops, artist collaborations, and some of the best concentrates on the planet.

Why 710 Labs?

710 Labs is known to produce some of the finest concentrates available. They develop quality tiered batches of different forms of hash from unique genetics cultivated by talented growers and extracted in state-of-the-art facilities. By utilizing a variety of extraction methods, 710 Labs has created a line of concentrates that can fit anyone's budget and has plenty of variety in flavor and potency.

Along with making a great product, 710 Labs establishes a connection with its consumers by regularly interacting with customers on social media, dropping limited merchandise, publishing cannabis education, and more.

Why 710 Labs?

How to Buy 710 Labs

710 Labs wants the consumer to get the right product which is why they have created a transparent and thorough system for identifying quality. Their packaging notes the strain and type of extraction. It also includes a tiered pricing system using numbers 1 through 4 to describe the grade of the hash within each cultivar. Factors like batch size, growing medium, strain popularity, and flavor are all used to determine the grade.

You can purchase 710 Labs concentrates, flower, and more at March and Ash by ordering online or in-app or by visiting us in-store. Our budtenders are highly knowledgeable and can fill you in on the latest drops or answer any of your questions.

How to Buy 710 Labs

710 Labs Collection

710 Labs makes a variety of solvent extracted products including Persy diamonds, badder, or sauce, however, their most popular concentrates are usually their solventless lines which include rosins and water hash. Learn more about each of the types of concentrates below.



A classic art form of extract making, extraction is facilitated by a combination of ice, water, and some agitation. Utilizing micron bags, extract artists are able to limit the size of the trichome head that is processed, resulting in high-quality yields. Waterhash should be stored in the freezer.


A newer method of solventless extraction, rosin is created by the process of pressing cannabis between two metal or ceramic plates with a high amount of pressure, literally squashing the THC oils and terps out of the plant. Short-term storage of rosin should be in the refrigerator and long-term storage in the freezer. Available in Persy, 1st, and 2nd press.

Rosin Sap

Almost a syrupy consistency and extremely flavorful, many users enjoy using this consistency to dunk other dabs with it or use it as an infusing oil inside a joint paper to give a kick to your joint’s flavor experience.

Persy Sauce

Squashing only the trichomes from the first wash produces a flavorful extract called Persy Sauce. A separation of terpenes into a liquid and crystallization of THCA into solid diamonds, united in their storage jars. 710labs recommends storing their Persy Sauce in a climate-controlled room or refrigerator.



Hydrocarbons or organic compounds containing only hydrogen and carbon atoms are used to extract terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant matter. 710 Labs signature process ensures extraction of terpenes and THC/THCA only, disregarding the plant matter, fats, or lipids. Sauces cure over a six-week period where crystals or diamonds grow. 710labs Live Resin is batch tested with the strictest standards.


Like the sauce extractions, hydrocarbons are used to create a whipped cake batter consistency, a combination of viscous terpenes glistening on top of the more THC-rich core.


A solvent-based extract containing THC microcrystals floating in terpenes and flavonoids. A scoopable form of extract.