5 Cannabis Product Recommendations From Josh Maddox

We met with Josh Maddox, concierge at March and Ash's flagship store in Mission Valley. We dove into his personal preferences, exploring the popular products that have become integral to his own rituals. - Written by Randy Villarba

The visit to a cannabis dispensary can offer an enjoyable shopping experience, although the vast array of brands and products available can sometimes feel overwhelming. Perusing the online store can be a great way to see what's in the shop, but sometimes you want a bit more information. March and Ash is fortunate to have a team of exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced professionals within the industry, ready to assist customers in selecting the right cannabis products.

At March and Ash's flagship location in Mission Valley, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Josh Maddox, a knowledgeable concierge. We discussed Maddox's journey, starting with his introduction to March and Ash and his subsequent progression within the cannabis industry over the last three years. Furthermore, we delved into his personal preferences, exploring the popular products that have become integral to his own rituals.

Terpenes > THC

Working on the dispensary floor as a concierge has allowed Maddox to keep his finger on the pulse of the latest products and what to look out for when selecting a product to consume. While learning from the March and Ash education team, Maddox has also discovered how some products could potentially affect a consumers’ outcome.

“I learned it's not all about the THC,” explains Maddox. “There are so many terpenes that potentially drive the [effects] in all of the strains we love today. Always trust your nose. Whatever smells and looks the best to you, snag it.”

Josh Maddox’s Top 5

Here are Josh Maddox's top five go-to cannabis brands from a few different product categories. Whether you're new to cannabis or a seasoned enthusiast, these selections are sure to pique your interest.

Josh Maddox’s Top 5

Unruly OG - Blem

Blem, powered by Cali Lotus cultivation, is dedicated to curating the finest cannabis in California while honoring the essence of cannabis culture. As part of their ongoing mission, Blem strives to introduce enthusiasts to fresh and exciting experiences, staying true to their roots. The name "Blem" derives from the patois term meaning "a state of being really, really high," embodying the vibrant energy they aim to cultivate.

Blem Unruly OG flower is my favorite flower I have ever had hands down,” says Maddox.

“The gassy piney smell is unmatched. It turns heads in the shop every time it's opened. It really reminds me of OG Kush from ten years ago, but even better.”

Drawing inspiration from Caribbean dancehall music, Blem specializes in offering unique cultivars that exude a sense of joy and adventure, reminiscent of an unforgettable night in a Jamaican club with cherished companions. While Cali Lotus already boasts an array of remarkable achievements, their unwavering focus remains on delivering unparalleled cannabis experiences exclusively in California, alongside the creation of sister brands that embody their dedication to cannabis enthusiasts.

Unruly OG - Blem

Kalya Extracts Rosin

Kalya Extracts Rosin, recognized with prestigious awards, sets itself apart by being extracted from fresh, uncured cannabis flowers, distinguishing it from conventional rosin made from dried flowers, kief, or hash. This unique approach results in an unparalleled experience, offering a richer and more intricate flavor profile compared to other types of cannabis concentrates. The inclusion of monoterpenes, exclusive to fresh cannabis, contributes to this enhanced sensory experience.

“Kayla Extracts rosin is always one of my go-to’s for concentrates,” says Maddox.

“You don't have to worry about it not hitting or tasting great. They partner with some really great farms like Luma Farms, Symbiotic, and Alien Labs. I prefer to use Kalya at lower temps, normally around 510 Degrees F.”

Kalya Extracts Rosin

Emerald Bay Extracts FSO

Emerald Bay Extracts FSO is one of my favorite options for edibles,” Maddox reveals. “Even though it's not your traditional edible, I like them more because it has all of the cannabinoids found naturally in the plant instead of just THC or a handful of terpenes found in other edibles. I feel a fuller spectrum and it gives me greater effects. FSO is very versatile. You can put it on anything you want to eat. My favorite way to eat it is on marshmallows.”

Emerald Bay Extracts offers strain-specific full-spectrum oil packaged in syringes for oral consumption and tablets, allowing for precise and high dosing requirements often necessary for medical consumers. By tailoring their products to specific strains, consumers can discover the most effective options for their ailments and individual needs. The goal of Emerald Bay Extracts is to empower consumers by providing them with reliable products and comprehensive information, ensuring they have the tools to improve their quality of life. Through their commitment to quality and consumer-centric approach, Emerald Bay Extracts strives to make a positive impact in the lives of those seeking relief and support through cannabis-based treatments.

Emerald Bay Extracts FSO

710 Labs

710 Labs has a straightforward mission: to revolutionize the industry by prioritizing uncompromising quality. They firmly believe in the supremacy of quality in every aspect – from the caliber of individuals involved, to the thought process, creative expression, and overall quality of life. Emphasizing open communication and genuine collaboration, they strive to ensure that every voice is heard, fostering a sense of unity among the team and the entire industry.

“710 Labs is another extracts company that will always have a place in my heart,” says Maddox.

“710 Labs makes some of the most tasty dabs I've ever had. Not to mention finding super uplifting sativa rosin is hard to find. They really do a great job with Tangie and Biesel. They also have great flower, RSO, vapes and gummies.”

Renowned as an award-winning cannabis brand operating across multiple states, 710 Labs is driven by an unwavering passion for crafting the most flavorful, organic, and meticulously produced cannabis in small batches. They have earned their reputation as pioneers in the field, diligently handpicking and pursuing rare cultivars from esteemed breeders. Collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Richard Prince, LSD World Peace, Astral Oracles, The Elder Statesman, and Camp High result in exclusive accessories and product releases, further enhancing their distinctive offerings.

710 Labs

Cold Fire Extracts

Cold Fire Extracts, established in late 2020 and headquartered in Los Angeles, was founded by a family passionate about cannabis. Their mission is to provide cannabis enthusiasts with the most delightful and flavorful concentrate experiences imaginable, akin to being guided by sommeliers (or sensi-meliers) on a journey through the world of fine cannabis consumption.

“Cold Fire Extracts make my favorite cartridges,” proclaims Maddox.

“It's quickly become a SoCal favorite. They have the best tasting, hardest hitting cartridges, with high grade ceramic atomizers. Their carts are filled with the best cultivars out there from farms like Seven Leaves, Green Dawg and Turtle Pie Co.”

Through successful collaborations with esteemed traditional growers in California, Cold Fire Extracts has solidified its reputation for delivering unparalleled Live and Cured Resin experiences worldwide.

They take immense pride in their ability to capture and preserve even the most delicate and intricate aromatic and flavor compounds found in cannabis flowers. Their cutting-edge techniques involve using 100% butane and extracting the cannabis compounds at temperatures below -100°, ensuring the utmost quality and purity.

Cold Fire Extracts


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