Cannabis for Black Lives - A Fundraiser for Copper House Detroit

This month we’re joining Cannabis for Black Lives in support of Copper House Detroit.

Copper House Detroit

This month we’re joining Cannabis for Black Lives in support of Copper House Detroit. Inspired by Queer history, Copper House Detroit provides healing and love for marginalized communities, and serves as a community ambassador for the Northwest Detroit community.

Copper House Detroit is a place for rest, breath, and love for their community. They host many queer and Black founders looking to connect. Copper House Detroit is a home away from home for the cannabis community.

Copper House Detroit

Buy Cann, Support Copper House

This month we have partnered with Cann and will donate $2 to Copper House Detroit for every Cann product sold (excluding singles).

Buy Cann, Support Copper House

Currently Copper House Detroit provides shared space for its guests. However, the onset of COVID-19, prompted the need for more private accommodation. Their expansion project will create a 1,000 sq. foot private studio that will sleep eight (8) guests.

Born out of Cannaclusive, Cannabis for Black Lives is a coalition of cannabis companies galvanizing the broader industry to support Black led organizations and communities through a commitment to corporate hiring and company culture, amplification of Black voices, and financial support with ongoing accountability measures. They welcome companies of all sizes, geographies and corners of the industry to join in order to make a greater impact together.

We proudly support Cannabis for Black Lives.

Feel free to give too! Visit to donate.


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