Aerobic Exercise For the Mind, Body and Soul

Taking advantage of the climate in Southern California offers San Diegans and tourists an endless list of options for outdoor activities and exercise. CBD offered in cartridges, tinctures, topicals and edibles will help you on your way. - Written by Randy Villarba

Taking advantage of the climate in Southern California offers San Diegans and tourists an endless list of options for outdoor activities and exercise. The sunshine tax in San Diego, California is well worth its weight in gold with the sun shining an average of 266 days out of the year.

This makes the outdoors a huge part of the various types of aerobic exercise we can choose to make part of our daily routine. Southern Californians have the luxury to leave the solitude of their own home exercise equipment and take their workouts outside. We are not chained to staring at a repetitive exercise video on a digital screen. None of us are bound to the limitation of having to only exercise at home.

The health benefits of monitoring and taking an inventory of how your body feels and is responding is key. Keeping your finger on your pulse daily is a great first step to monitor any signs of high blood pressure in your heart rate, especially if you have any history of heart disease in your family.

Maintaining a solid regimen of strength training and keeping a handle on any weight loss programs will help one to keep a healthy lifestyle. Keeping records of your vitals is a great way to monitor your own progress or regression over different periods of time. Knowing your daily vitals can help you get ahead of any potential health problems down the road.


Of course you wouldn’t be a living breathing San Diegan if you didn’t mix in those storybook sunset runs on the water of Mission Bay or our local beaches from Imperial Beach to Sunset Cliffs, Mission and Pacific Beach to La Jolla Shores and Torrey Pines. If you’re up in North County, you have to check out the epic runs by Del Mar, Solana Beach, Carlsbad and Oceanside if you reside near our Vista location.


The views of the San Diego Bay and city skyline are breathtaking from the peninsula at Cabrillo National Monument. If you’re going for a run in the downtown area, check out the running paths around Harbor Island, Seaport Village and the Embarcadero.

Making sure all the creaky parts of your body are operating like a piece of well oiled machinery goes a long way in breaking past the runner’s wall. Mary's Medicinals offers a wide range of balms, capsules, gel pens and transdermal patches to help with just that. The Mary's Medicinals CBD only patch is a great place to start. As your tolerance builds, Mary's Medicinals also offers a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, and even more options with higher terpene and THC influenced effects.

Kushy Punch Peach CBD or even Kanha Vegan Serene Green Apple 20:1 are great edible options for those looking to receive the benefits of CBD, without the psychoactive effects. Kanha offers a good spectrum of CBD focused gummies ranging from a 20:1 to a 1:1. Kanha even has a CBN enhanced option in their CBN Tranquility Gummies for those needing that extra nudge to fall asleep to help them recover.


The clean and fresh air in conjunction with that undeniable connection to nature recharges us on so many levels. Watching the sunset from the heights of Laguna and Palomar Mountains or the sunrise as you swing your legs sitting on Potato Chip Rock is an experience we all need in our mind’s eye. Places like Mission Trails and Torrey Pines State Reserve offer us a glimpse of what Southern California used to look like before modern civilization arrived.

Care by Design makes a 1:1 Joint and Muscle Cream that offers non-psychoactive CBD relief for aching joints and muscles. It also contains a unique blend of other essential oils for effective absorption and soothing relief, including aloe vera, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, essential oil of orange, peppermint and CBD-rich cannabis.


When you find a nice spot to take a break or you reach the summit of where you are hiking, christen the moment by burning one down. For the heavy hitters, we suggest the Farmer and the Felon infused pre-rolls.

If smoking flower isn't your thing, but you still want to be part of the rotation, Alpine cartridges are offered in their Cannatonic 1:1 ratios of CBD to THC. If you are looking for a more specific ratio, Care by Design cartridges offer as strong as 1:1 CBD Cartridge all the way to the non-psychoactive effects of a 40:1 CBD Cartridge.


To the untrained eye, when we see people practicing yoga, we see groups of people congregating at fancy studios, on the beaches or in the parks. There is a reason why Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. These different positions open the doors to a stronger balance between physical and mental strength.


If you really give your all in what you are being taught, you will feel a deeper connection with your body. Yoga can work out certain muscle groups you might not even know you had. Cannabis offers a wide range of options to help mitigate that post yoga session soreness.

Cosmic View offers balms, tinctures and edibles to help you on your way to nirvana.

Board Sports

Action sports like skateboarding, surfing, paddle boarding and wakeboarding are more than just a hobby for our local athletes. San Diego is the birthplace of legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. Surf legends like Kelly Slater and Rob Machado can commonly be found in the local lineup.

On the weekend everybody drops their boat in the bay where we can witness the progression of the next generation of wakeboarders. At sunset Mission Bay is populated with the silhouettes of the stand up paddleboarders.

Board Sports

If you are looking for some hydration with a few added perks, check out the CBD and THC infused beverages from Cann. Also popular with our extreme sports athletes are the Camino gummies by Kiva. They offer 1:1’s in two flavors, Orchard Peach and Yuzu Lemon. Camino also offers a Midnight Blueberry CBN infused gummy for the end of the night rest and recovery.


The best thing about a bicycle is that there are options for whatever type of riding you do. Are you a distance cyclist, albeit solo or team riding? Perhaps you like the adrenaline that can be found in mountain biking the dirt trails and features of our canyons.

Making sure you have the products to soothe your body on those long rides is key. If your workout pain transitions from minutes to hours, the ability to keep charging through it until you get home isn’t even a question. It’s a necessity.


Transdermal Patches and Muscle Rub from Mary’s Medicinals goes a long way to keep you cranking on the pedals. These are offered in CBD only to varying ratios of CBD and THC, and even cannabis terpene enhanced options.

If you aren’t into topicals, varying ratios of CBD and THC capsules might be a better option. Care by Design offers the widest spectrum of capsules, providing ratios from a 40:1 all the way to a 1:1.


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