Meet & Greet with Jaleel White

Join us Saturday, February 19th to meet Jaleel White and check out an exclusive itsPurpl x 710 Labs product drop.

Join us on Saturday, February 19th for an in-store appearance and meet and greet with Jaleel White!

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The exclusive itsPurpl x 710 Labs product drop will be available for purchase while supplies last from March and Ash shop locations in Vista, Mission Valley, and City Heights.

Event Details

We are excited to announce that Jaleel White will be visiting March and Ash Vista on Saturday, February 19th.

March and Ash Vista | 4PM - 6PM

2465 Dogwood Way, Vista, CA 92081

The itsPurpl x 710 Labs collab will be available for purchase starting February 19th at March and Ash in Vista, Mission Valley, and City Heights.

Event Details

Want to Become VIP at the Event?

For customers who purchase itsPurpl x 710 Labs on Saturday, February 19th, you will be upgraded to the VIP line to meet Jaleel White. The itsPurpl x 710 Labs product will be released in-store at 3:30 PM at Vista on February 19th.

The VIP line offer is available while supplies last. Customers must present proof of purchase in order to access the VIP line. The receipt must be dated February 19, 2022.

Please note, Jaleel White will only sign itsPurpl products and branded merch.

Want to Become VIP at the Event?

itsPurpl x 710 Labs

As a lifestyle brand intended for foodies, art heads and purple cannabis appreciators #itsPurpl places a high emphasis on all things top quality and true authenticity. This collaboration with 710 Labs is extra special because 710 Labs grows their own cannabis in-house from seed, hunting for unique characteristics that make that cultivar special.

Purple Urkle is a legendary cultivar originating from the Emerald Triangle with mysterious lineage. Most people believe it’s a descendant of either Mendo Purps or Granddaddy Purple.

itsPurpl x 710 Labs


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