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Cross joints packed with 100% indoor-grown top-quality cannabis flowers with cultivars that would make Saul and Dale drool with envy, Highnstein is here to help you take a heady trip through the mind of its makers. Written by Lucas Indrikovs.

“This is like the apex of the vortex of joint engineering. This is the future.” Pineapple Express came out nearly 15 years ago, but it has clearly left an impression on the minds behind the innovative brand Highnstein. And Saul wasn’t wrong; 15 years later, Highnstein has introduced the first cross joint pre-roll available on the market.

Packed with 100% indoor-grown top-quality cannabis flowers with cultivars that would make Saul and Dale drool with envy, Highnstein is here to help you take a heady trip through the mind of its makers. Essentially two joints in one with 1.3 total grams per cross joint, Highnstein offers the trifecta of joint smoking power.

On top of that, their expert joint architects eliminate the hours it would potentially take a joint lover to roll a picture-perfect cross joint!

Highnstein’s Cross Joints

It will take more than simply rolling a cross joint to convince California cannabis connoisseurs that your product is worth the cash. Highnstein is not a gimmick, and they’re sourcing high-octane cannabis from respected, reputable growers to fill their cross joints with nugs that will make you feel like a slice of butter melting on top of a big ol’ pile of flapjacks.

Highnstein is sourcing cultivars like the Sativa-dominant Tres Leches (Cookies N Cream X Koolato) that tastes like a key lime pie drenched in creamy caramel served on a bed of rose petals. 1.3 grams of Tres Leches will energize your next creative project and fuel the subsequent munch-fest after a night of cannabis consumption.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Try their cross joint stuffed with Topanga Canyon OG (Topanga X Sweatband) for a cerebral, giggly adventure that will leave you hazier than a southern California IPA. A 50/50 hybrid, Topanga Canyon OG has all the classic sweet and sour woody flavors of an OG strain combined with sharp orange and spicy grapefruit overtones.

Highnstein’s Cross Joints

Last but definitely not least, their Zkittles X Kush Mints cross joint is a thing of beauty. With a legendary lineage of Grape Ape, Grapefruit, Bubba Kush, and Animal Mints, this cross joint's flavor and aroma profile are out of this world. It’s almost a shame to smoke it… But it’s so worth it!

If you’re new to cross joints, Highstein has your back. They include instructions for the best cross joint session with every pre-roll, and to bring you to the next level of cerebral euphoria, they also include a pair of red goggles that, when worn, will display secret messages and images on Highnstein’s packaging.

Highstein’s Concentrate Concoctions

As if that wasn’t enough, Highstein has also developed infused pre-rolls called “Concentrate Concoctions” that combine the flavor of cannabis flowers and the potency of premium cannabis concentrates.

Their Black Cherry Pie (Blackberry Kush X Cherry Pie) infused pre-roll is a tart, sweet, woody experience from deep purple and emerald green nugs that are frostier than a snow-capped peak. Clocking in at 45% THC, this infused pre-roll isn’t anything to sneeze at. It’ll put a smile on your face and make you crave a slice of actual black cherry pie…. Or maybe eight slices. We won’t judge you.

The Perfect Triangle OG infused pre-roll is just that, perfect. A 50/50 cross of Perfect OG and TKBx1 strains, the nugs are oversized and heavy with trichomes that taste like gassy kush grown in an herb garden. Energizing, euphoric effects settle into a relaxed body high that will wash over you with the tenderness of a fluffy white cloud.

Highstein’s Concentrate Concoctions

Highstein’s Bubblegum Gelato (Gelato #45 X Indiana Bubblegum) infused pre-roll joint is coming in hot. This mythical Indica-dominant cultivar is as sweet as it is powerful, with sugary bubblegum notes on the tongue and fresh raspberries on the nose. This pre-roll will lift up your spirits and infuse you with creativity which lends itself well to any artistic endeavor you may have in your future.

Highnstein is an exciting new brand to hit the March and Ash shelves, and we hope you love their cross joints and infused pre-rolls as much as we do. Snag a joint, pop on those red goggles, and walk around your house wearing your most stylish kimono. Guaranteed you’ll be as chill as a cucumber before the last puff.


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