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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: LEUNE is a California born lifestyle brand forged on the principle of transcending the narrative of cannabis culture.

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LEUNE is a California born lifestyle brand forged on the principle of transcending the narrative of cannabis culture. Honoring a 3.0 consumer who knows that ‘getting high’ only begins to tell the story of what the plant truly represents, LEUNE is interested in elevating the conversation around cannabis. Through high aesthetic and uncompromising quality standards, they aim to create new ideals for the industry. LEUNE is proudly owned and operated by a Woman of Color.

Q. First off, how do you pronounce 'LEUNE'?

A. Great question - think ‘LOON’ rhymes with ‘SWOON’

Q. What’s the backstory of LEUNE, when, why, where?

A. The backstory is that LEUNE was built by our founder, Nidhi, as a brand for the consumer by a true consumer. She was always looking for a cannabis brand that spoke to her - one that shared the same values she had: high quality products, low footprint packaging, consistent great tasting products and different form factors (sometimes you feel like a joint…and sometimes you just need the discretion of vape, right?!) After getting frustrated by what she was finding (or rather, what she wasn’t) she decided to start LEUNE. The brand launched in 2018 from her home in sunny Socal. The small but mighty team at LEUNE is creative, mindful and v-e-r-y mission-oriented (more on that later.)

Q. Why LEUNE? Seems like there are so many brands these days - what’s different?

A. LEUNE was very intentionally built as a brand that is able to work hand in hand with multiple cultivators and manufacturers across the state. What does that mean for our customers? It means WE WORK FOR YOU! No really, at LEUNE we work for the best interests of our end consumers - we’re not constrained by the last harvest. We understand how much our consumers value consistent products and as such we are constantly working with the best in class licensed partners to do just that.

Q. Today, more than ever, knowing who you’re buying from is essential- so what are your values? What does LEUNE stand for?

A. So glad you asked. LEUNE is passionate about social equity, social justice reform and BLM (yesterday, today and ALWAYS.) LEUNE is owned and operated by a WOC and as such, these values hit very close to home.

LEUNE’s Partnerships

Giving back to marginalized communities of color that have shaped the cannabis industry’s culture is an essential part of LEUNE’s mission. Despite the foundational contributions of black and brown communities to cannabis culture, minority groups are disproportionately profiled, policed, and incarcerated for distributing what is now legally recognized as a medicinal and recreational product. It is also necessary to address the mental and physical health of these communities given the known impact of the War on Drugs. As a company made up predominately of women and people of color, LEUNE recognizes the imperative duty to consistently influence impactful, lasting change. LEUNE is proudly working to support these social goals through current partnerships with The Last Prisoner Project and Broccoli Mag’s Floret Coalition.

LEUNE’s Partnerships

The Last Prisoner Project “works to redress the past and continuing harms of unjust laws and policies through intervention, advocacy, and awareness campaigns”. LEUNE has been honored to lend their platform in elevating the voices of those who are currently serving unjust sentences through the Last Prisoner Project x LEUNE series.

Additionally, LEUNE has joined in on Broccoli Mag’s new Floret Coalition, “an anti-racist collective of small business in the cannabis and cannabis-adjacent space supporting and funding equity-oriented actions via monthly donations and social campaigns.” The Floret Coalition is led by a board of people of color, and while also addressing economic and criminal justice-equity issues surrounding communities of color – it will also focus on serving the mental and physical health-related needs we recognize as ongoing issues related to the War on Drugs.

The goal at LEUNE is to significantly contribute through both these partnerships (and beyond) with consistent education, engagement, and calls to the accountability of their customers and fellow brands. LEUNE understands and fully embraces the responsibility to give back to the communities that have given the cannabis industry so much while getting back so little, and they hope to inspire others to do the same.

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