Tips on Getting Started with your Cannabis Clone

To ensure that your clone grows into a healthy and flowering plant, check out some of these tips on getting started.

Growing your own cannabis is a fun and exciting project to start from home. Cannabis clones offer one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started. A cannabis clone is a cutting that is an exact copy of the plant it was taken from, which means it will grow the same way as the mother plant and produce flowers with similar characteristics (potency, smell, taste, etc.). To ensure that your clone grows into a healthy and flowering plant, check out some of these tips on getting started.

Choose Your Media

The clones you’ll find at March and Ash come from Dark Heart Nursery, and are grown in rockwool cubes. Rockwool has an excellent water-to-air content ratio that promotes strong root growth and is easy to transplant into other media types. Ideally, you should transplant your clone as soon as you bring it home. Decide what media (soil, coco, rockwool slab, clay pellets, etc.) you’ll grow your clone in and fill your container with the chosen media.

Prepare Your Clone for Transplanting

It is essential that your clone has a developed root ball before transplanting it into a larger pot or direct ground space, so it is recommended that you first put your transplant into a 1-gallon pot. Fill in the media around your clone’s cube and thoroughly water it to ensure there are no air pockets or dry spots in your media. After a couple of weeks, the root ball should be developed enough to transplant the clone into a larger container or directly into the ground.

TIP: Avoid “transplant shock” by first soaking your clone in a vitamin and hormone solution for 15 minutes before transplanting.

Ease Your Clone into Direct Light

Most clones receive 24 hours of artificial direct light when you buy them from a dispensary, and thus are not yet used to the strong light and heat given off from the sun. A clone can experience shock when it is moved from 24 hours of light into intense sunlight. To prevent shock after transplanting, you’ll want to introduce your clone to sunlight in a gradual, slow manner. For the first few days, start with partial shade and indirect sunlight. The partial sun will invigorate your clone to grow and the partial shade will ensure your clone isn’t too hot, helping to prevent it from going into shock. For a step by step guide on easing your clones into direct sunlight, read more from Darkheart Nursery.


Make sure that the original rockwool cube the clone came in remains moist, especially the first week after transplanting. Closely inspect the original rockwool cube every day during the first week of growth and pour about 1 cup of your watering solution on any part of the cube that has dried out. When watering your plant, make sure that water runoff drains from the bottom to flush the media and prevent salt buildup.

Good Luck!

There are many forums and cultivation resources you can find online. It is important to conduct research depending on whether you choose to grow your cannabis plant indoors or outdoors, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a grow master in no time.