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Cannabis Delivery Rules for San Diego

Fast, Simple, and Fresh

Cannabis Delivery Rules for California

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, chances are you’ve used a delivery service at least once. The ease and convenience of having your product delivered to your doorstep is enticing, to say the least. Unfortunately, California’s adult-use cannabis regulations have made it difficult for recreational cannabis deliveries to exist. In San Diego, recreational cannabis deliveries must come from a licensed, brick-and-mortar shop. That means your options are pretty limited if you want your weed but don’t want to get up off the couch.

Luckily, legal dispensaries like March and Ash are making it easier for San Diegans to get their favorite cannabis products brought directly to them. Follow this simple guide to getting legal cannabis delivered and you’ll be getting high in no time!

Find a licensed dispensary like March and Ash and browse the online store. There, you’ll find selections of flowers, concentrates, vapes, edibles and topicals. Pretty much anything and everything you could ever want, all from licensed and trusted sources.

Once you know your order, schedule a delivery. March and Ash delivers to its customers throughout San Diego, from the Border to Oceanside. You have the option of getting your delivery as soon as possible or scheduling it for a later time.

Make sure you are at a physical address in which you have permission to accept a delivery. State and local regulations make it clear that deliveries must be accepted at the physical location that that was originally given to the delivery dispatcher.

It’s as easy as that! Remember that using licensed cannabis services supports the entire industry, and the economy to boot. We hope the next time you need to re-up, you browse March and Ash’s online store and have one of our drivers deliver the goods right to your doorstep!