Garlic Cocktail #7 x Moonbow 112 #1 RSO

Garlic Cocktail #7 x Moonbow 112 #1 RSO

$30 / 1g

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Experience a unique blend of Garlic Cocktail #7 x Moonbow 112 #1 RSO tincture from 710 LABS, perfect for anyone seeking a little extra relaxation and fun. This innovative product offers a savory flavor profile without the guilt of indulging in a sugary treat. With potentially calming and uplifting effects, this tincture may help enhance your mood and unwind after a long day. Whether you're looking to wind down or add a little fun to your day, this product is sure to deliver a delightful experience.


  • THC: 680.07mg
  • CBD: 1.89mg

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