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Medical Cannabis Purchase and Use Requirements in San Diego


Medical Need for Weed

Not too long ago, if you wanted weed and were in the state of California, whether it was medically needed due to a condition or even if that bag of chips just didn’t quite taste as good as you were hoping it would, it was pretty difficult to get your hands on quality marijuana.

Fortunately for Californians and those who currently reside here, the cannabis procurement process can now be quite painless, especially if you have a pain you are seeking to ease.

Due to the passage of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, and the extremely powerful medicinal properties inherent to cannabis, medical marijuana is a decades old California institution based on a much older knowledge.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation

Though doctors in California are unable to prescribe medical marijuana, a medical recommendation is all that is needed to begin the process. There are many ways to get that recommendation should you have a condition which merits it. You can pursue an in-person doctor’s visit or online consultation, and a quick look on your search engine of choice will reveal your nearest and easiest option.

Now, with your recommendation in hand, which can be a paper recommendation or a laminated medical recommendation card, as well as your currently valid photographic identification, the question remains, where do you go?

Visit March and Ash! Your Neighborhood Licensed Cannabis Dispensary

There are many store fronts available in the state of California that want to serve medicinal marijuana patients. It’s important to do another quick online search to find the best licensed dispensaries. Or better yet, visit March and Ash, your neighborhood licensed cannabis dispensary!

show you your many options. But if you search by top-rated, or classiest and most confident boutique dispensary, you will inevitably fall on the name March and Ash, and the website Though we’re extremely proud of our home base location, if you don’t have the means or desire to leave your home, after a quick call to one of our cannabis concierges, or after browsing our online menu and dropping your desired marijuana varieties and derivatives into your cart and checking out, we can have some of the finest cannabis products brought right to you by our friendly and ever knowledgeable delivery drivers. And, just like an in-store purchase, your delivery is not complete until an in-person cash payment has gone down.