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Lagunitas x ABX HI-FI Hops

A cannabis infused IPA-inspired beer of Lagunitas Brewing Co & AbsoluteXtracts


A Match Made in Cannabis Heaven

The Brewmasters at Lagunitas Brewing Co. collaborated with the weedmasters AbsoluteXtracts and together had a brewbaby. A perfect match, Lagunitas has been stoner-friendly since its inception in 1993.


Lagunitas Brewing Company Explains

"We’ve often dreamed of hops and their cannabis cousin partying together at the family reunion. We wanted to bring this party to life in a beverage. It’s high-time that good beer inspired a provocative, yet refreshing non-alcoholic alternative. With a smidge of California sun-grown cannabis in every sip." — Jeremy Marshall Brewmonster, The Lagunitas Brewing Company

AbsoluteXtracts Explains

“This IPA-inspired sparkling beverage is made using everything Lagunitas knows about hops — but with zero alcohol, zero calories, and zero carbs. Infused with THC from the finest, sun-grown cannabis at AbsoluteXtracts... It's good to have friends!”


Two Doses, Same Hoppy Fidelity

HI-FI Hops is available in two varieties. First we have “10” which contains 10 milligrams of THC, and “5:5” which has 5 milligrams of THC and 5 milligrams of CBD.

Both have Zero-calories, Zero Carbs, and are Gluten Free and Alcohol Free.

Light hoppy aroma, sparkling sensations, and fruity notes make this beverage unmissable.


The Hoppy Method

The AbsoluteXtracts weedmasters use pressurized carbon dioxide to extract terpenes and aromatic compounds and oils are found in the cannabis plants, some of which are THC, CBD, or both.

Then the brewmasters create their sparkling magic, mixing the extracts with hops-sparkling water to create HI-FI Hops. Cheers to that!

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