Camino Edibles

Fun and flavorful gummies made with custom combinations of terpenes for a highly tailored edibles experience.

Camino's adventure-infused gummies are made with mood-enhancing terpenes that deliver the most tailored edible experience on the market. Camino is a premium collection of innovative cannabis confections inspired by the iconic El Camino Real road that wanders through California. Every flavor is designed to evoke the enchanting experience of travel and exploration, invigorating your senses and transporting you to a golden state of mind.

Consumers deserve to know exactly what they’re consuming, which is why Kiva was one of the first edible makers in the country to self-impose stringent standards for potency, production, packaging and testing. They believe that the principles of consistency, efficacy, and food safety are fundamental to creating a high-quality edible that you can always feel confident sharing with friends and family.

Consistent, controlled dosing is at the core of each Kiva product. Which is why every bite, bar, gummy and mint has just 5MG THC or less per serving, so you can always find your sweet spot.