THC Bomb x Skywalker Live Resin Cartridge

THC Bomb x Skywalker Live Resin Cartridge

$35 / 1g
THC Bomb | Live Resin Cartridge | Sativa Dominant Hybrid | Unknown Genetics | 1g | Originally bred dutch growers at Bomb Seeds, the original lineage is not known but the same breeders are also responsible for the Berry Bomb. This cultivar is described as having a skunky, sour, earth flavor. Calm and happy effects, mixed with a great body stone make up this cultivar's effects. A great choice for reducing stress and anxiety or inducing appetite. Skywalker OG | Cannabis Oil Cartridge | Indica Dominant Hybrid | Mazar x Blueberry x OG Kush | 1g | Skywalker OG was originally bred by Darkheart Nursery with seeds provided by Dutch Passion. Skywalker OG is noted by it's spicy earth base with notes of sweet citrus, hops, and pepper. This cultivar is a very heavy stone, sedating the body and leading to couch lock. This is a great strain when prepping to go to sleep or just need to disconnect from the weight of the world.


  • THC: 75.91%

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