Himalaya - 21:1 CBD Cartridge - 1g

21:1 CBD Cartridge

$25 / 1g
Potency: 76% TAC (3% THC, 63% CBD) Lab Tests: COA 9/28/22 Our CBD blends are formulated to be therapeutic (rather than recreational). They're designed to deliver consistent effects and a mildly pleasant taste, with minimal variation from batch to batch. To achieve this, we blend material from many different strains and farms. (This is the opposite of other HIMALAYA products, which are strain-specific and often single-origin, giving every batch unique flavors and effects.) Finally, we understand that cost is a barrier for patients dealing with chronic conditions. That's why we've priced our CBD products affordably, rather than selling them at a premium.


  • THC: 3.00%
  • CBD: 63.00%

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