Pineapple OG Diamonds

Pineapple OG Diamonds

$20 / 1g
Pineapple OG | Diamonds | Indica-Dominant Hybrid | Pineapple Express x OG Kush | 1g | Pineapple OG is an indica-dominant hybrid made by crossing the tropical flavored Pineapple Express and classic OG Kush. The result is a hybrid strain with a mix of cerebral and body effects. Aroma is described as a citrusy lemon, and pungent pine smell, while flavor is a little more sweet lemon, tropical pineapple fruit, and tinge of pine. This cultivar creates a mellow body high, a creative cerebral lift, and overall relaxing effect. Many users find relief from anxiety, muscle spasms, and depression from Pineapple OG.


  • THC: 87.69%

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