Kingroll - Cannalope AK x Cannalope Kush Infused Pre-Roll - 1.3g

Cannalope AK x Cannalope Kush Infused Pre-Roll

$15 / 1.3g
Cannalope AK | Sativa-Dominant Hybrid | Cannalope Haze x AK-47 | 1.3g | Cannalope AK brings the Cannalope strain to the far sativa side of things by crossing it with the energizing AK-47 strain. Hybrids don't always capture the strengths from their parental lineage but Cannalope AK is not one of those cases. With a defeaning energy, prime focus, and uplifting mood enhancer- any atom of negativity is chased away. Cannalope Kush| Hybrid | OG Kush #18 x Cannalop Haze | 1.3g | Another champion from the DNA Genetics line, Cannalope Kush comes from the classic OG Kush #18 and Cannalope Haze. While some users report a cerebral euphoria and boost in creativity, it also tends to elevate the mood and bring in casual relaxation, making it an ideal strain for a late afternoon toke or celebratory wake and bake. Expect a pleasant pressure around the temples and behind the eyes. Each Kingroll is handcrafted blending two unique and complementary flavors to taste: our award-winning Loudpack flower and Kingpen’s award-winning oil. Our cultivation and distillation teams work together to pair each unique flavor. Kingroll strains are small batch and will rotate with harvest.


  • THC: 37.84%

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