Space Coyote - Sativa Diamonds Infused Joint - 1g

Sativa Diamonds Infused Joint

$15 / 1g
Rolled with Emerald Cup award winning Ancient Lime herb and Dairy Queen diamonds, both from Humboldt County based Eel River Organics. Eel River is known for their incredible dry farmed flower and concentrates, cultivating high quality cannabis with a low environmental impact. Enjoy this energetic, creative joint that’s a cosmic catapult to a good time. On one galactic night in Joshua Tree with a meteor shower overhead (yes, this is a true story), Space Coyote was born. After years of rolling their personal joints with resins and hash, they decided to bring these infused creations to market. And so, their search to source the best ingredients from the most passionate producers began. Inside each Space Coyote is a blend of quality full bud with delicious concentrates from your favorite extract brands. Their infused joints are super smooth, provide an incredible high, and most importantly deliver flavor profiles you’ve been missing in regular ol’ joints. They pride themselves on giving you an excellent experience from smoke to high. Space Coyote is honored to collaborate with Eel River Organics, known for their incredible dry farmed flower and concentrates. Dry farming is a unique way to cultivate cannabis without using any water, nutrients, or pesticides. Rather, it calls upon the plant's roots to dig deeply into well-maintained, nutrient-dense soils to reach the water table below. This way of growing can only happen in places with close proximity to riverbeds in an area with warm summers and cool, wet winters. This fish-friendly and water-loving cultivation method results in an incredible resin profile, with high THC contents.


  • THC: 28.11%

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