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COVID-19 Ended a Lot of Things, But Not Cannabis Sales

Blake Marchand is the owner of marijuana dispensary, March and Ash in Mission Valley. He compared the initial rush of marijuana sales during the beginning of the pandemic to that of some other popular items.


March and Ash believes it is important to invest in the local community, which is why they partnered with local food banks to host a three-week food drive to support families impacted by COVID-19.

March and Ash: Uptown in the Country

It’s not every day one finds a tractor smack-dab in the middle of a dispensary’s salesfloor. Yet, that’s exactly what makes a life-sized statement inside the March and Ash dispensary in Imperial, California.

CBD Sales Up Due to Covid-19

As shelter-at-home orders continue throughout the state of California and most of the country, data indicates San Diegans and other Americans are turning more and more to CBD and CBD products for self-care and anxiety relief right now – due to COVID-19.

The Essential Workers You May Not Know

This article from the San Diego Union Tribune recognizes some of the essential workers you may not know, and includes an interview with our Mission Valley store manager, Terry.

And the Hot New Cooking Ingredient Is… Cannabis!

Cannabis is the latest culinary ingredient that’s having its day in the sun. Nearly a dozen states have legalized it for recreational use, chefs around the country are experimenting with it in their mise en place, and even fancy cooking magazines have recipes featuring the herb.

This Dispensary Gave its Employees a Raise, Amid Coronavirus Struggles

March and Ash is adamant that its services help people to lead happier and healthier lives, and that mantra clearly extends to its workers.

Is There Really A Sharp Rise In Older Adult Cannabis Use?

A recently published survey in JAMA Internal Medicine found that cannabis use has risen sharply among adults 65 and over... "The best experiences have been in dispensaries like March and Ash in San Diego. Although a seasoned bud-tender may be present, it is a great 'user' experience to take a basket and pick up a product, look at the label and GO!"

March and Ash's Commitment to Education

Jon Saco and Spencer Andrews discuss their business and brand philosophy, why education is essential in the cannabis industry, how they've worked with local governments, and why consolidation is inevitable in 2020.

Venturing into the world of CBD, THC, and cannabis

Wading into the legal cannabis market can be incredibly intimidating. Looking for a luxe experience with some of California’s most beautifully-packaged cannabis? March and Ash in Mission Valley boasts one of the sleekest showrooms in the biz.

San Diego cracks down on marijuana billboards, but critics want more aggressive restrictions

Breton Peace, general counsel for local dispensary March and Ash, said he wishes San Diego was willing to get more aggressive, contending that such a move won’t hurt local marijuana businesses as long as it’s uniformly applied to all of them. Peace suggested the city consult with constitutional law scholars and host a public forum where parents and community leaders can discuss what type of legislation they’d like to see.

City College Offers First Cannabis Class in the State

This news piece on KNSD-SD covers the first cannabis business class offered in the state of California.