Ghost Hulk #25 x Cuban Black Haze 1st Press Rosin

710 LABS


Ghost Hulk #25 x Cuban Black Haze 1st Press Rosin

710 LABS

$49 / 1g (Tier 2)

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Chemdawg | 1st Press Rosin | Hybrid | Unknown Genetics | 1g | Chemdawg is a classic cannabis strain that originated in Massachusetts, this cultivar is parent to some celebrity status strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Chemdawg has amassed a cult-like following and Chem smokers stay very loyal to gassy strain, often scouring shop menus for the latest chem cross. Chemdawg has a skunky, fuel heavy aroma, when crossed it often dominates anything it's crossed with, adding a dieselly, pungent skunk aroma. Flavor is described as a gassy, skunky, pungent diesel flavor that coats the mouth and stays on the breath long after smoking. An almost perfectly balanced hybrid, Chemdawg or Chem Dawg has a psychedelic head high that puts a pressure behind the eyes, the user is launched into a happy euphoria.