Guava Persy Live Rosin

710 LABS


Guava Persy Live Rosin

710 LABS

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  • THC: 77.95%


Guava | Persy Live Rosin | Sativa Dominant Hybrid | Gelato Phenotype | 1g | Guava is allegedly a sativa leaning cultivar bred by the Cookies Fam. Although many conflicting reports on the origin of this strain exist, one thing most agree on is that Guava made it's big debut at the 2014 LA Cannabis Cup, where it did not place. Not much else is known about the strain's origin and maybe it'll be left to legend until new information surfaces. Guava's flavor is described as sweet, tropical, and fruity. Effects are described as uplifting and focusing, a great strain to smoke in the mornings to attack the day.