Kimbo Kush 1st Press Rosin

710 LABS


Kimbo Kush 1st Press Rosin

710 LABS

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  • THC: 69.26%


Kimbo Kush | 1st Press Rosin | Indica | Blackberry Kush x Starfighter | 1g | Kimbo Kush is a heavy indica bred by Exotic Genetix, the same breeders famous for the Cookies and Cream cultivar. Dark aromas of berry, earth, and citrus musk make up the fragrance, while flavors of citrus, berry, and the unmistakable earthy OG set the taste. Kimbo Kush hits hard like it's parent Starfighter. A guaranteed couch lock, Kimbo Kush also sets the brain into blissful relaxation and eventual sleepiness.