Z Cubed #5 Persy Live Rosin

710 LABS

710 LABS - Z Cubed #5 Persy Live Rosin - 1g (Tier 3)

Z Cubed #5 Persy Live Rosin

710 LABS

$72 / 1g (Tier 3)

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  • THC: 75.56%
  • CBD: 0.14%


A small variation on one of 710's classics, Z Cubed #5 is a newly released phenotype from their original genetic hunt. Bred by Dying Breed Seeds with two of their best strains Zkittlez x OZ Kush. This phenotype is true to the original Zkittlez genetic with an artificial fruit sweetness and a little lemon pledge, but this time paired with a tiny OG kick. They like to call this strain the lime pheno because it’s almost like a lime skittles flavor with fresh and bright fruits. Great for a solid, relaxing body high without too much sleepiness. Made via a solventless refinement process that presses the cannabis between two heated plates, resulting in gorgeous persy (personal stash - extra special!) rosin. 710 Labs is made up of award-winning artists obsessed with making the richest flavored, pesticide-free, organically fed, small batch, hand-trimmed cannabis flower. They are OGs that hand select and hunt exotic strains from the most renowned breeders, including landrace single origin seeds that took decades to find.    



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