Banjo Live Resin Dart Cartridge


ABX - Banjo Live Resin Dart Cartridge - 0.5g - Cannacraft Sub Box

Banjo Live Resin Dart Cartridge


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  • THC: 67.80%


Banjo | Live Resin Dart | Hybrid | Boost x Tangelo| 0.5g | Banjo is a sativa strain with lineage from Boost and Colorado Seed's Tangelo. Banjo carries an aroma of citrus, earth, and pungent spicy skunky fruit. A sharp aroma that follows a sharp flavor as well, described as citrus, fruity, and pungent skunk, with spicy sour notes on the exhale. Some users compare the flavor to stinky cheese. Effects include a creative focus, a social lift, and a heady cerebral high. A moderate sedation effect keeps you happy and functional.