Animal Cookies x Biscotti Live Resin Cartridge

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Animal Cookies x Biscotti Live Resin Cartridge

Alien Labs

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  • THC: 75.39%


Animal Cookies | Live Resin Cartridge | Indica-Dominant Hybrid | Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG | 1g | Animal Cookies is an indica leaning hybrid that is made by crossing GSC and Fire OG. Animal Cookies is a union of celebrity strains that has been praised by smokers and cultivators alike. Animal Cookies has an aroma of sour, nutty, pungent earth. Flavor is described as a nutty herbal taste with notes of sweet and sour. Consumers report an unfocused, floaty, euphoria when using this strain. A calm body relaxation and giggly haze. Biscotti | Live Resin Cartridge | Hybrid | South Florida OG x Gelato #25 | 1g |Cookies crosses are here to stay. Biscotti is the result of great pheno hunting, repeated testing, and a great understanding of cannabis lineage. Created by Berner and his Cookies brand, this 20/80 indica dominant hybrid has made waves in the current cannabis market. While Runtz, Sherbets, and Gelatos are some of the most popular exotic strains, Biscotti takes dessert weed to a new level. It’s lineage comes from the stable GSC pheno Thin Mint Cookies crossed with South Florida OG and Gelato 25. Gelato was birthed from the cross of Sunset Sherbet and GSC. And to boot, Gelato has become one of the most solid breeding cookies strains of the decade, with brands like Connected CA and Alien Labs banking on the strain as their main building block. It’s no wonder as the reliable cookie genetics have expressed themselves in many great phenos. Most stores carry at least the Gelato 41 and 33 phenos, the 33 sometimes going by the name Larry Bird, a nod to the NBA all stars jersey number. Identified by its dense cookie nug structure, its buds are dark green with purple hues, sometimes looking entirely purple. With so much GSC in its lineage it’s no surprise this sweet, flavorful bud has an earthy, buttery, fuelly taste. It’s sweet gassy flavor coats the mouth on inhale, and leaves a cinnamon spice on the exhale. Users report a powerful head high that clears the mind, resets the brain, and creates a cerebral buzz that lasts for hours. A great aid for relaxation, sleep, or just a general blissful feeling. It also creates a calming body high that gives a feeling of upliftment. Appetite, Depression, Stress, Anxiety are all ailments this strain can remedy. Experts speculate there is a 9-10 week flowering period, but not enough is known about this strain to be sure. Biscotti is exclusive to the west coast, and as it is a part of the Cookies family of strains, it is not available as a seed or clone.