Area 41 Pre-Roll

Alien Labs


Area 41 Pre-Roll

Alien Labs

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  • THC: 19.37%


Each pre-roll is packaged in a plastic tube, locking in scent and freshness. Area 41 is a potent hybrid brought to you by Alien Labs out of Sacramento, CA. It is the child of Lemon OG and Chemdawg, two iconic award-winning strains. Despite its Indica leaning genes, this is an evenly balanced joy with both Sativa and Indica characteristics, making it ideal for use both day and night, anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Its citrusy, woody flavor is simply delightful. This strain is incredibly potent. There is no waiting for effects to kick in - you will feel it immediately. This strain combines the perfect blend of cerebral and body effects. You will feel energetic, sociable, creative, and giggly initially, but as the high wears off, you will start to feel sleepy, relaxed, and insanely hungry.