Blue Banana Live Resin Cartridge

Alive and Well


Blue Banana Live Resin Cartridge

Alive and Well

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  • THC: 73.00%


Blue Banana | Live Resin Cartridge | Sativa | Banana OG x Blue Dream | 1g | Blue Banana has an overall fruity taste, with notes of spice, earth, sour, and pine. With its blue dream lineage being the main influence in it's fruity flavor. This strain is different from a lot of blue dream fusions as it retains more of the Banana OG qualities in it's effects, in turn, tones down the sativaness of the Blue Dream producing a fruity, piney strain with relaxing and sedative effects. While the Blue Dream is muted, it's not erased, Blue Banana boasts a brainy high that keeps users in an introspective space.