Infused Mai Tai Pre-Rolls

Baby Jeeter

Baby Jeeter - Infused Mai Tai Pre-Rolls - 5ct

Infused Mai Tai Pre-Rolls

Baby Jeeter

$39 / 5ct

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  • THC: 26.00%


Mai Tai | Infused Pre-Roll | Sativa | Maui Wowie x Tutti Frutti | 5ct | Mai Tai is a Hawaiian cultivar that has a sweet and sour citrus flavor and uplifting and social effects. Tasty like the Hawaiian cocktail but without the alcohol, Mai Tai has a tropical fruit flavor that is both sweet and sour with heavy notes of citrus. An excellent choice for an outgoing or social event, as it gives its users a energizing communicative boost and also stimulates creativity. Much like the feeling of sharing a good cocktail with friends, but without the impairment and hangover.


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