Infused Maui Wowie Pre-Rolls

Baby Jeeter

Baby Jeeter - Infused Maui Wowie Pre-Rolls - 5ct

Infused Maui Wowie Pre-Rolls

Baby Jeeter

$39 / 5ct

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  • THC: 41.51%


Maui Wowie | Hash Infused Pre-Roll | Sativa | Hawaiin x Unknown Strain | 5ct | The Mauie Wowie strain is known for its ability to be grown in wet tropical environments like it's place of origin, Hawaii. A popular sativa, the Maui Wowie strain was developed in the 1960's and was top of the line for its day, ending the era of 'pot wasn't as strong in my day'. The aroma is described as tropical fruit and has an uplifting and creative effect when consumed.


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