OG Kush Pre-Rolls

Baby Jeeter

Baby Jeeter - OG Kush Pre-Rolls - 5ct

OG Kush Pre-Rolls

Baby Jeeter

$28 / 5ct

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  • THC: 32.88%


OG Kush | Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush | 5ct | OG Kush is probably the most world famous and widely known strain ever created. Bred in Florida with cuttings from Northern California by JoshD Flavors of musky earth, pine, lemon, and skunk make up this classic strain. It's aroma is unmistakable, spicy, pungent earth with tones of pine and skunk. OG effects are mellow and calming. A relaxing body stone is paired with mellow and happy mind effects. Known for being sensitive to light and nutrients, this cultivar is not considered a good choice for beginner cultivators.