GG4 Live Resin Sauce Cartridge

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Bear Labs - GG4 Live Resin Sauce Cartridge - 1g

GG4 Live Resin Sauce Cartridge

Bear Labs

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  • THC: 81.63%


GG4 | Live Resin Sauce | Hybrid | Chem's Sister x Sour Dub x Chocolate Diesel | 1g | Since it showed up in gardens in 2013 the Gorilla Glue strain has been a dependable strain for farmers and smokers alike. Although lately it’s name has been shortened to just GG or GG4 because of copyright. Rumored to be the new “Sour Diesel” it popped up at farms all over the west coast and is here to stay. One of few true 50/50 hybrids, its lime green color, pyramid shaped nugs, and resinous white coat of trichomes are its call sign. This hybrid's aroma is described as pungent, sour, earthy, with its flavor hitting notes of coffee and chocolate. Which makes sense as Gorilla Glue’s parental lineage Chem’s Sister x Sour Dub x Chocolate Diesel. Chocolate Diesel gets it’s chocolate essence from its parent strain Chocolate Thai. It’s sweet sour aroma is loud, which can be attributed to its Chem and Sour lineage, which are both known to be strong smelling plants. Gorilla Glue’s name can be explained by its couch locking effects, many users report feeling glued to their couch. The effects can be explained as energetic, excitable high, yet calming. Euphoria, followed by couch lock. Many users report laughter and a feeling of joy. Its dominant terpene being myrcene makes it an excellent anti inflammatory and sleep aid. Cultivators can expect an 8 week flowering period. Perfect smoke for a lazy Saturday or an active Funday Sunday.