GMO Cookies Liquid Diamonds Cartridge


Buddies - GMO Cookies Liquid Diamonds Cartridge - 1g

GMO Cookies Liquid Diamonds Cartridge


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  • THC: 79.53%


Garlic Cookies aka GMO | Liquid Diamonds Cartridge | Indica Dominant Hybrid | GSC x Chemdawg | 1g | GMO is not a genetically modified plant in this case, but it is probably one of the most popular strains, if not the most popular Indica-dominant Hybrid right now. It’s broad lineage makes it hard hitting and extremely potent. This indica is sometimes known as Garlic Cookies, a cross of the potent ChemDawg and the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain. Looking back one generation from its parent strains, we find Durban X OG kush and Sour Diesel x OG Kush. Spicy Durban, Double OG, and Gassy Sour D. Simply put, all of the strains that make up GMO are known to create heavily sedating effects with uncomparable flavor.