Wedding Cake x Purple Punch Liquid Diamonds Pax Pod



Wedding Cake x Purple Punch Liquid Diamonds Pax Pod


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  • THC: 86.60%


Wedding Cake | Liquid Diamonds PAX pod | GSC x Cherry Pie | 0.5g | When you start with great building block strains, the resulting lineage evolves into better and better strains, and Wedding Cake is a testament to this idea. The child of GSC and Cherry pie, this hybrid has remained popular with it’s unmistakeable pungent peppery, yet sweet creamy vanilla flavor complete with breathes of citrus. Wedding Cake has earned it’s place among the new exotic dessert strain wave, which has taken the industry by storm in the past couple of years with strains like Sherbert, Biscotti, and Ice Cream Cake. The age of cookie crosses is upon us and cultivators everywhere are taking advantage of the OG Kush x Durban Poison profile that makes Girl Scout Cookies such a timeless strain. It’s stable, usually tests high in THC, resistant to pests and mildew, and produces some of the most desired flavors in hybrids and indicas on the market. Imagine crossing this heavyweight (GSC) with the legendary Grandaddy Purple and Durban (Cherry Pie). The resulting grandchild two generations later to grandaddy purps affair with Durban is Wedding Cake. It’s sweet, pungent, citrus flavor comes from its Durban lineage, while the GDP sweetens it’s overall taste. Its effects are described as euphoric, increasing heaviness, sedated. But while the body stays in a relaxed state its cerebral effects are speedy, creative, and “tuned in”. This is the perfect strain to relax with, its dominant terpene being limonene make it great stress and anxiety reliever. It is used for chronic pain, migraines, inflammation. With so many perfect unions down its parental line, Wedding Cake is the perfect name for this frosty hybrid that can be found in some form on the lineup of most cannabis companies. Purple Punch | Liquid Diamonds PAX Pod | Indica Dominant Hybrid | Larry OG x Grandaddy Purple | 0.5g | Purple Punch is a heavy cultivar that has gained huge popularity since its debut in the mid 2010's. With heavy indica lineage from heavyweight cultivar parents, Purple Punch hits with an uppercut, knocking the OG effect into the mind and body with relaxing and sedating effects. Many users report a grape soda flavor also communicating notes of blueberries and vanilla. A great choice for stress relief and insomnia.