Pina Grande

Cannabis Brothers

Cannabis Brothers - Pina Grande - 3.5g

Pina Grande

Cannabis Brothers

$64 / 3.5g

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  • THC: 23.88%


Pina Grande | Indica-Dominant Hybrid | Pineapple Chunk x Skywalker OG | 3.5g | Pina Grande is a cultivar by Cannabis Bros. Pina Grande is an indica-dominant hybrid that induces heavy full-body effects. The fragrance combines sour notes of tangy skunk, sweet pineapple, and jet fuel giving it an intoxicating smell all its own. With its high THC and CBD content it has both painkilling and stress-relieving properties as well as delivering a stimulating mental buzz. Pina Grande is one of the most coveted strains preferred by the most exclusive cannabis connoisseurs in the world. The Cannabis Brother’s passion for helping people combined with their industry specific talent and experience are what truly differentiates this boutique line from many other cannabis producers. They are known for developing award-winning product that remains in the highest of demand throughout a distribution network that encompasses the world.