Cycle Soothe Women's Relief Balm

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Cycle Soothe Women's Relief Balm

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Cycle Soothe Women's Relief Balm

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​​A doctor-formulated topical blend of premium artisanal ingredients, this salve is loaded with cannabinoids, botanical terpenes to bring fast and potent relief. Uniquely formulated with castor oil, Cycle Soothe incorporates this traditional oil to help the medicine penetrate deep below superficial tissue to soothe muscle soreness. A blend of medicinal essential oils rich in linalool and beta-caryophyllene, this balm offers a potent aromatherapeutic bouquet to calm the senses. Rub on the belly, back or other sore areas throughout the day, without the mess of a suppository or the psycho-activity of orally consumed THC.


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