Cindy 99 Liquid Live Resin Cartridge



Cindy 99 Liquid Live Resin Cartridge


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  • THC: 79.47%


Cindy 99 | Liquid Live Resin Cartridge | Indica Dominant Hybrid | Princess x Cindy 88 | 1g | Sometime in the 1990's its rumored that the founder of Brothers Grimm Seeds, Mr. Soul, found a few seeds in a bud he purchased at a coffee shop in Amsterdam. The cultivars the seeds produced had a noticeably more psychedelic effect, Soul dubbed it Princess. From there his Princess strain was bred with Shiva Skunk in a backcrossing technique known as cubing, resulting in Cindy 88. Cindy 88 was then crossed again with the original princess, resulting in the Cindy 99 strain. This cultivar's flavor is described as skunky earth with a note of citrus. This strain produces energizing and uplifting effects. Many users note a creativity increase when you use this strain.