Strawberry Ice Pre-Rolls


CRU - Strawberry Ice Pre-Rolls - 6ct

Strawberry Ice Pre-Rolls


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  • THC: 26.23%


Strawberry Ice | Cannabis Derived Terpenes Pod | Sativa-Dominant Hybrid | Unknown Genetics | 6ct | Strawberry Blast is rumored to come from the Netherlands but it's origins are largely unknown and undocumented, so it's true lineage may be lost to time. Strawberry is a sativa cultivar that has a sweet berry flavor and energizing effects. Aroma is described as earthy and pungent with a note of sweet berry. Flavor is more evolved with a chemmy, berry flavor with an undertone of sweet and spicy grape. Strawberry Blast is great anytime of day, although most consumers like it for day time. The high starts off with uplifting buzz that puts the user in a positive headspace. This cultivar is an excellent choice for socialization and creativity.