White Walker OG Cartridge



White Walker OG Cartridge


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  • THC: 83.35%


.75ML premium oil cartridge from CRU Cannabis, use with genuine CRU Cannabis battery (sold seperately) for optimal performance. White Walker OG is an award winning hybrid that's cherished for it's smooth flavors and easy to love effects. This extremely flavorful smoke is filled with sugary sweet kushy notes and lingers on the tongue long after the smoke has gone. The aromas are much the same, with hints of spice and earth on the tail end. The high of White Walker OG is swift and uplifting with a rush of energy straight to the head. This happy, tingly high is perfect for the artist looking to break through a block or athlete in need of an extra boost to their routine. The relaxed body high lends itself well to yoga and meditation, while the waves of euphoria and energy that ebb and flow throughout the hours-long high give you the focus needed to balance your chakra. Though it is a typically upbeat bud, the come down is a hard crash and you may find yourself couch locked and sleepy. This makes for a great before dinner strain as it allows time for both the energetic side and the sedative side of this strain. As mentioned above this lady is a two-sided coin. At first, you’ll feel rushed with uplifted energy, perfect for getting things done. After a period of time with this, you’ll start to feel heavy and unmotivated. This is the perfect phase to wind down with a pillow and some snacks.