Forbidden Mint Pre-Roll

Dime Bag

Dime Bag - Forbidden Mint Pre-Roll - 1g

Forbidden Mint Pre-Roll

Dime Bag

$7 / 1g

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  • THC: 16.59%


This premium pre-roll comes in a resealable, discrete plastic tube that locks in scent and freshness. All Dimebag flower is grown in sunny California using organic nutrients and soil.   Forbidden Mint is an incredibly potent hybrid - a combination of Forbidden Fruit and Thin Mint Cookies genetics, this strain defines evenly balanced effects.  Effects are particularly psychoactive, not advisable for first-time enthusiasts. You will feel an immediate surge of energy to the cerebral cortex, leaving you focused, motivated, creative, and highly productive. However, its Indica genes kick in eventually, which will make you ravenously hungry, unmovably relaxed, calm, and very, very sleepy. Tasty, potent, and suitable for anytime use, Forbidden Mint is a must-try.  



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