Hashbar OG Pre-Roll

Dime Bag

Dime Bag - Hashbar OG Pre-Roll - 1g

Hashbar OG Pre-Roll

Dime Bag

$7 / 1g

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Blue Dot | Pre-Roll | Hybrid | White Widow x Skunk x Big Bud x Northern Lights #5 | 1g | Blue Dot is a sativa leaning hybrid bred by a cannabis patient in Sonoma, California who found a way to combine their 4 favorite strains resulting in the Blue Dot cultivar. Blue Dot has an aroma of skunky berries and earth while flavor is a little sweeter berry taste with notes of spicy earth. Blue Dot is said to be an incredibly uplifting and euphoric strain with bursts of creativity and laughter that are still anchored by an indica induced like calm and relaxation.