J1 Pre-Roll

Dime Bag

Dime Bag - J1 Pre-Roll - 1g

J1 Pre-Roll

Dime Bag

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  • THC: 15.31%


This premium pre-roll comes in a resealable, discrete plastic tube that locks in scent and freshness. All Dimebag flower is grown in sunny California using organic nutrients and soil.   J1 is a high-end hybrid strain that leans slightly on the Sativa dominant side of the spectrum and is renowned for offering a clear-headed yet potent stone.  The aroma of this strain is a pungent blend of citrus tones with a rich earthiness. The smell will travel about and perfume your immediate space, giving your entire room a fresh scent, so better to smoke outside if this powerful odor will prove troublesome. The citrus aroma translates over to the taste, as users can expect a delightfully sweet, sugary kick to the taste buds, with a crisp spicy inhale and delightfully sweet exhale. The effects of J1 are heady and creativity-boosting, giving mental clarity combined with an energetic rush. It can also be used to effectively alleviate stress and anxiety – as the deep, uplifting euphoria sets in, you will feel your stress melt away.   Strain Genetics: Skunk #1 and Jack Herer  



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