Tangerine Skunk Pre-Roll

Dime Bag


Tangerine Skunk Pre-Roll

Dime Bag

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  • THC: 31.71%


Tangerine Skunk | Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Tangie x Lemon Skunk | 1g | Tangerine Skunk is a hybrid strain made by crossing the ever popular tangie with an older strain, Lemon Skunk. This cultivar is popular for its buzzy high and creative energy. Aroma is described as spicy and pungent with a skunky earthness that has wisps of sour and citrus. Flavor is described as sour tangerine, with a savory skunk taste on the backend. Many users report a buzzy head high that lifts with an influx of creative and artistic energy. The body stays anchored, dropping into a state of bliss, completely relaxed.