DomPen - Classic California Citrus DVP  - 0.5g

Classic California Citrus DVP

sativa iconsativa
THC: 87%
Need a solid energy boost? Try this delightfully citrusy all-in-one vaporizer. Its cerebral effect is strong and precise, making it good for tasks that require extended periods of focus. It’s discreet, convenient, disposable and ready to use right out of the box. DomPen exclusively sources pesticide-free biomass from licensed California cultivators and uses an ethanol-based extraction process in which unwanted plant matter is seperated from cannabinoid rich material and, leaving behind crude oil. The 'crude' is processed through their wipe-film distillation system, yielding highly-potent, solvent-free THC oil, also called distillate. Every pen is lab-tested three times before being put to market to ensure compliance, customer satisfaction, and consistency. They blend carefully crafted proprietary terpene profiles into every pen. These organic plant-derived terpene profiles are added for enhanced flavor, targeted effects, and maximum discretion.