Runtz Cake

Farmer and the Felon

Farmer and the Felon - Runtz Cake - 3.5g

Runtz Cake

Farmer and the Felon

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  • THC: 22.78%


Runtz Cake | Hybrid | Zkittlez x Gelato #41 | 3.5g | Runtz Cake comes from a cross of two very popular modern strains, Gelato the creamy vanilla cookie cross and Zkittlez, the sweet and sour fruit candy strain. Both strains are known for making groundbreaking crosses and continuing to move the industry forward, inspiring breeders everwhere to create the next great strain. With a fruity, lemony tropical flavor mixed with the classic gelato vanilla fuel, the flavor of the Runtz Cake lingers long after the exhale. Effects are middle of the road, not a super cerebral high, a more relaxed smoke with a mild head buzz and heavy body sedation.