Golden Tangie Pre-Roll


Flav - Golden Tangie Pre-Roll - 1g

Golden Tangie Pre-Roll


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  • THC: 17.33%


1g top shelf, all bud, no trim pre-roll. Comes in a resealable plastic tube that holds in scent and freshness.   Golden Tangie is a sativa dominant strain with fresh aromas of sweet citrus and earthy herbs. The flavor is very sweet and fruity with an herbal tea overtone accented by light citrus and florals. The high is just as bright as its flavor, with lifted happy effects that leave you feeling energized and excited for hours on end. You'll feel a lifted onset almost immediately after your first exhale, launching your mind into a state of focus and clarity that lends itself well to any mental task. A tingly body high comes next, filling your limbs with light energy that gets you up and moving with ease.   Strain Genetics: Golden Goat x Tangie  



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