Blueberry Moonrocks Pre-Roll



Blueberry Moonrocks Pre-Roll


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  • THC: 31.48%


Blueberry | Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Purple Thai x Afghan | 1g | Blueberry is an indica dominant hybrid that has seen great popularity since its introduction in the 70’s by famed American breeder, DJ Short. It was DJ Short’s experimentation of landrace strains that brought the Blueberry to fruition, however while it’s thought to be descended from Purple Thai and Afghan, no one is really sure of it’s exact lineage. This cultivar has stayed a prominent staple of the cannabis market and has held its own for decades, winning the best Indica Award at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup. Blueberry is known for it’s undeniable sweet blueberry aroma. Flavor is described as a sweet blueberry, vanilla taste.This high is extremely euphoric and hazy, putting users into a state of introspection. This hazy euphoria clears the mind, and erases negative thoughts, putting users into a relaxed, care free state.