Gushers Cartridge

Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters - Gushers Cartridge - 1g

Gushers Cartridge

Heavy Hitters

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  • THC: 84.82%


Gushers | Cannabis Oil Cartridge | Hybrid | Triangle Kush x Gelato #41 | 1g | Another popular cultivar bred by Cookies Fam, Gushers or sometimes called White Gushers, packs a flavor that will bring back the nostalgia of 90's fruit gummies. An indica leaning variety, Gusher's is recognized by it's sweet and fruity candy aroma, while reported flavors touch on creamy, sweet, tropical fruit with a gas note on the backend. Gushers is a great choice for insomnia, depression, and pain because of its sedative and euphoric properties. It melts away stress and anxiety, relaxes the body and puts the head in a euphoric space, free from worry.