Passion Fruit Cured Badder


Highland - Passion Fruit Cured Badder - 1g

Passion Fruit Cured Badder


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  • THC: 80.13%


Passion Fruit | Badder | Sativa Dominant Hybrid | Passion Fruit | Burmese Kush x Grapefruit | 1g | Passion Fruit is a sativa leaning cultivar made by crossing the legendary Burmese Kush and Grapefruit. Unsurprisingly the aroma is much like an actual passionfruit, with extra notes of sweet and tangy citrus. This uplifting strain puts users in an elevated euphoria, and focuses the mind for creative activities or conversation. Many users report an overwhelming case of the munchies with this strain, so keep snacks close by. An excellent choice for an energy boost to your day. Also noted this a great choice for beginner sativa smokers as it's effects don't create an anxious or paranoid high like some sativas can.