Sour Melon x Runtz Pre-Roll Pack

Howie Roll

Howie Roll - Sour Melon x Runtz Pre-Roll Pack - 6ct

Sour Melon x Runtz Pre-Roll Pack

Howie Roll

$23 / 6ct

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  • THC: 21.00%


Sour Melon | Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Unknown x SD (BX) | 6ct | Sour Melon is an indica strain that utilizes an unknown cultivar and a backcrossed Sour Diesel in it's lineage. Although there is also a cultivar bred by Dark Karma Genetics that utilizes a back crossed Sour Diesel as well, and in place of the unknown genetic, KG Melon cut. Whatever the lineage truly is-this is a heady smoke with a melting body stone. Flavor is described as a sour melon, with floral undertones. Effects of this strain aren't widely available but some users note this strain has an energizing calm that puts you in a relaxed, yet focused mood. Runtz | Pre-Roll | Hybrid | Zkittlez x Gelato | 6ct | If ever a strain had hype behind it, it would be Runtz. It's fruit candy smell and taste are its trademark that in turn, named the hybrid cultivar. But its hype does not go unwarranted, with such popular parents in its lineage, it's no wonder it has become one of the most sought after strains to date by cultivators and consumers alike. Another Cookies brand genetic, this hybrid hits right in the middle of the indica/sativa spectrum. Getting its creamy gas flavor from its Gelato parent and its sweet fruity flavor from the Skittlez this bud smokes sweet with a custardy exhale of gas. It's long lasting euphoric effects are another reason this strain is highly sought after.